If you are planning to start your own website, this article is sure to be helpful to you. In the following post, I will help you step by step to make your dream come live.

How To Make A Website Easily

In the past 4 years of managing websites, I have used many types of website platforms for my websites, like Joomla, WordPress etc. I experienced that the WordPress is the best platform to run websites. 87% of professionals use WordPress for their websites. It is also available in free of cost.

How To Start Your First Website

At first answer, yourself “would you like to start your own website now?”, if your answer is yes, then follow my instructions to create a website within your budget. ( If you are not interested in making your website just read this article to grow your knowledge about “how to create a website below rs 500/- )

STEP 1: Do you already think “what will be the name of your website?”, if no then you have to choose a name and an extension (i.e domain name) for your website.

I’m going to simplify it with an example. In the year 2015, I wish to start a blog called here “endlesseducation” is the name of my website and ” .in” is the domain name.

Don’t be excited! I know, you are thinking about your future website name. Am I correct?

Before you start, read all steps carefully then go for it. [ All working links are given below ]

STEP 2: I think you understand “how to choose a domain name“. Now you need a Web Hosting service, which allows you to publicly visible your website content world wide through the internet.

So many web hosting company provide you their hosting service at very cheap cost but don’t go for them, you have to face thousand of problems with cheapest web hosting service.

Bluehost Web Hosting service is the best web hosting service for professionals, as-well-as beginners. You need a minimum configured web hosting plan called “Shared Hosting”. Buy it from Bluehost by clicking here.

The video tutorial helps you to learn “How to buy a hosting plan from Bluehost“.

STEP 3: This is the last step to live your website on the internet. Here I help you to connect your domain name with Bluehost web hosting service.

Go to your domain name section and set your “nameserver” as “” & “” and wait for some times to work your website.

Follow this video tutorial to set nameserver with your domain name.

Working Links

Domain Name: When you can get .com domain with Rs 99/- why should you go to another place! Click on ‘Choose Domain Name’ and get your domain.

Web Hosting: Get your web hosting account by clicking on ‘Choose Hosting Plan’ and choose a plan which you can afford.


 If you not able to setup your website or you have not enough time to setup, You can ask me to do with a little charge.

Submit your details here to know how much I charge to setup your website.

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