Why I Go For Amazon Affiliate Marketing & Leave AdSense

Amazon affiliate marketing is much better than Google AdSense, because if you have a blog/website with average traffic, affiliate company can approve your blog, but Google AdSense require much more policy verification and maximum time you became hopeless.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How To Work With Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate marketing is not like a mass marketing business where marketing officers need to go door-by-door for selling their products. Affiliate marketing is like a dealing business where you work as an online dealer. No need to sell product door-to-door and get very tired out of the day! Just work as a connector between buyer & seller and get your predefined commission.

Now I going to teach you how to start an affiliate marketing. This is like a part time job from home which becomes you rich.

Just follow these steps written below to start your affiliate business with Amazon.

Create a Blog/Website

≫ At first you need a blog or website with sufficient organic traffic. If you have any blog; you can start your affiliate business from today!

But, if you do not have a blog, then follow my previous post “How to create a successful blog”, which helps you to create a blog within very short time.

Choose An Affiliate Company

≫ Before signup for your affiliate link, you should know which company give you the platform. Many affiliate company waiting for your blog, like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. For every company joining step is almost same.

In this post, I will teach you all about Amazon affiliate program.

SignUp To Affiliate

≫ What do you think?

Simply go to and click on SignUp button?

No guys! Normal customers did that. You going to a small partnership with Amazon, a specific signup link provides the Amazon company for you. Just click the link below to signup.

Click here to Amazon affiliate signup

Provide your all original details through signup form. After complete signup process, wait for their confirmation mail about activation your affiliate account. Application approves process may take 0 to 48 hours, for me that was 20 min.

Affiliate Link Placement

≫ After approved your affiliate application, log into Amazon affiliate dashboard where you can find some banner ad with variable size. Choose a perfect banner for your blog, copy the banner code and paste in your blog where you want to show the banner ad.


When your visitors click on the banner and purchase anything from Amazon, you will get your predefined commission automatically.

Payment Option

≫ Amazon payment system is not easy like Flipkart. Minimum payout plan is 100 USD, which is high amounts. To get your payment you can choose PayPal or Cheque system. The Paypal transfer takes 10 to 21 days where cheque system takes up to 7 days to deliver the cheque to your address in India and take the minimum of 21 days to clear the payment after you deposit them into your bank account.


fill up the bank details, upload a cancel check & PAN photo. When you reach Rs 1000/- you need to claim your payment your payment.

If you have any query about this topic, you can comment below, I definitely try to answer your query!

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