How To Earn Money From YouTube Step By Step

"Before I going to talking on how to earn money from Youtube, I introduce Youtube with you."
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What Is YouTube?

 We are all known about YouTube. Actually, we are also the fan of YouTube. When I asking about any video by someone anywhere, we simply go to and search the video. We trust on YouTube because YouTube did not hopeless us anytime. YouTube is like a sea of videos. Do you know how much can you earn from YouTube?

In today’s day, we treat YouTube as a friend, who is always with us. What do you think about a little partnership with YouTube?

Yes! You can start a partnership with YouTube. But you can’t make money directly from YouTube, to do this; you need a common friend named “Google AdSense”.

How To Earn Money From YouTube

How to earn money from youtube

Step 1:Create Your YouTube Channel
Step 2:Upload Unique Videos
and Wait For 10,000 Views
Step 3:Monetize Your Channel With Google AdSense
Step 4:Monetize Uploaded Videos
Step 5:Work hard to get more n more views

Create Your YouTube Channel

  • YouTube channel is nothing but like a virtual folder where you place your videos.
  • To create a channel, you need to login YouTube with Gmail account. Click here to create your YouTube channel.
  • Give a channel name and don’t forget to create a suitable URL for your channel. This URL help you to share your channel across the internet.

Upload Unique Videos

After creating your channel, now you are able to upload your videos to your channel. Upload a unique video which has no copyright issue. I recommended you to create a video yourself and upload it. Don’t upload videos from others, if you do that you can’t make money from that video.

Monetization Channel with Google AdSense

After uploading your unique video, go to your Video Manager tab located in left side on the screen. Click on monetization tab and Click connect your AdSense account with your Channel to provide the AdSense connection with your channel.

If you already have an active Google AdSense account. Then provide the details. Otherwise, Click on Signup button and apply for AdSense.

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After successfully submit your application, Google takes some time to approve it. Google send a confirmation mail after activating your AdSense account. This processing time may be 1 min to 24 hours.

Monetize Your Videos​

  • After activation your AdSense account, again go to video manager. Open your video in editor mode, click on monetization tab and turn it ON position.
  • If you not able to turn on, that mean your video has some copyright issue. Upload any other unique video and try again.
  • When you upload a new video, just follow step no 4, no need to connect with AdSense again.

Up to this, your video is able to earn money, but still, you can’t able to male money till anybody seen your uploaded videos on YouTube. Now you need to share your video link with your friends on social media. Maximum viewers can give you maximum earning!

Is this article helpful for you about “how to earn money from youtube”, please share your experience by commenting below!

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