How To Increase Blog Traffic at Free Of Cost : 5 Killer Tips

Why I failed to successfull my previous blogs? At that time I was a newbie in that field. Also I did not know how to increase traffic for my blog. 

I Started blogging in the year 2014. At that time my thought was very cheap about blogging. I was a newbie in that field. I did not know how to increase traffic for my blog. Due to this reason my first blog “ClickNow” was hopeless me. My 2nd hard work was “HostDrive”, about hosting guide and domain reseller. That was also failure only for fewer visitors.

After 2 time failure, I give up blogging and start learning from Google. According to me, Google is the best teacher in the world for any kind of students. Pass out the year 2015 while learning & research about the whole thing of blogging. In the year 2016 I started “EndlessEducation Blog” with a new energy.

Now I can help you how to create and manage your blog successfully. In this post, I going to help you to attract high traffic toward your blog.

How To Increase Blog Traffic


In my previous post “10 SEO Techniques Step By Step For Your Blog Post ” I provide you the details about how to improve my SEO. Search engine traffic is the most reliable & valuable organic traffic according to Google. To Increase your search traffic you should follow these techniques,

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  •  Use long tail keyword for your blog post.
  •  Use low competition keyword to rank your post on the first page on Google search.
  •  Use metadata, which perfectly focus & summary of the content.
  •  Use keyword into post title, metadata and image attribute.
  •  Post unique & evergreen content. Do not copy your post content from anywhere. If your all content is unique; search engines provide you high traffic.
  •  Use some tagline related to your post content.
  •  Use Search Console and Analytics tools to highly increase your traffic source from search engines.
  •  Share your post in social networks because search engines can easily catch content from Facebook and twitter.
  •  Use SEO plugin to setup SEO perfectly. I recommended you to use “SEO Plugin by Yoast”, which is available in WordPress at free of cost.


  • Create a fan page or profile for your blogs in every social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others. Share your blog post daily to your fan page and tag related bloggers with your shared blog post. Also, try to increase followers of your fan page.
  • Link your all social profiles & fan pages with your blog and create a traffic way to your blog.
  • I recommended you to create a YouTube channel with the custom blog name URL. Make an intro video to introduce your blog and upload it to your YouTube channel. Share this video in others social networks.
  • Create individual videos for each n every blog post, which can define & explain your blog content visually. Upload all videos to YouTube channel. Also provide a  link to your blog in each video.


  • People did not follow your blog every day. But check their email at least one time in a day. When people open their email and seen a mail from your blog with a new post link, they want to know more about the post and you will get traffic to your blog.

    You need a bulk email list to send them new blog post link.

    How to do it?

    Collect emails from your visitors. They are already interested in your blog, So They are waiting for your next helpful post. But can’t manage time to check out your blog looking for a new post. If you send them your new post by email, they are definitely read your email and come to your blog to read the new post.

    So, ask your blog visitors for subscribing. Use the different way to subscribe for your blog post.


  • Do you know, what is backlinks?

    Backlinks are those links which connect your blog with another blog. This is the traffic way from another blog to your blog.

    The process to create Backlinks:

    •  The most popular process to create backlinks is commenting on a high traffic blog post. When you comment on any blog post, don’t forget to give a link to your blog with your name.
    •  Guest post is also very effective way to get more traffic and became popular your blog. Signup for the guest post to your niche related popular blog and post some unique evergreen content. Most visitors of that popular blog want to check out your blog, in this way you can get more subscribers.


  • In today’s life, we have no time to wait for anything. If any worker takes long lime to do your work, then what you do?

    I could not wait, go to someone others to do the work. The Same strategy works on search engine result. When some link takes to load more time; we click on another link on the search result.

    So you need to speed up your blog. If your blog takes more time to open, your traffic finding some another way to reach the destination.

    Follow these steps to increase your blog traffic:-

    • Use AMP plugin to speed up your blog for mobile.
    • Compress all images used in your blog. You can use a free plugin to do this work.
    • Avoid iframe to speed up your blog.
    • Optimize your blog database, which able visitors to surfing frequently from one page to another page. I use WP-Optimize plugin to optimize my database. It also helps me to delete my post revisions.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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