10 SEO Techniques Step By Step For Your Blog Post

Each n every blogger wants to index his/her blog post come to the first page on Google search result, but they did not know how to do it! In this post, I will teach you about SEO. At first, you have to know “why to use SEO” and “How to works with SEO”.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you can index your blog content to the search engines.


Importance of SEO

Just imagine, you build a new blog with more than 500 unique quality content. But nobody comes to your blog to visit.

How do you feel then?

The situation of your blog like a hidden mystery about which people did not know anymore! Optimize your blog content with good SEO allow people to find your content in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

When you create good SEO for your blog content; more n more visitors come to your blog from search engines. Those visitors are called “organic traffic”. More organic traffic can give you more money from your blog.

How to Works SEO

When you perfectly optimize your blog with SEO; search engines easily able to collect your content and update their database. Search engine bot checks your blog content time-to-time and updates their database regularly. When people search for anything related to your blog content on a search engine; search result listing related content including your blog content.

How to Setup Good SEO

Blogging is not only about unique quality content, it needs to set up good SEO for getting organic traffic. To create a good blog, you need to customize your all blog content with SEO. Good or bad SEO depends on some factors:-


If you want to properly optimize your blog post title, then your title length should be 50 to 70 characters. Your blog post title should be the reflection of your post content. Keyword must be present in your title.


The keyword is the related word with your post by which search engine easily find your title and content. It is a more valuable factor than your thinking. By applying high CPC keywords you can increase your Adsense revenue and earn much more money. I use “SEMRush” for keyword planning, Also I recommend this tool for SEO setup.


You can put your blog post summary into the description box. It should be 400 to 500 characters to provide the best SEO. Use your keyword in the description to a better result.


Hard work is the main secret of success! Don’t copy any content from other blogs or anywhere, your content must be unique to provide great SEO. If you copy from any other location in the world, Google spider can identify your content as copy content and as result, your content will not visible in search engine.

So, try to write yourself with your knowledge & experience.


For good SEO, you’re each blog post should have more than 300 words. Don’t use more than 1500 words, this is very annoying for users, they just scroll down to finding the main content.


When you write a blog post, you have some better knowledge about grammar, also be careful about spelling mistakes.


Weak in English?

Don’t worry guys! I am also weak in English. After writing a post I use “Grammarly Tool” to check my post and edit all mistakes. The poor quality post did not provide good SEO.


Post layout and presentation style attract more user. Also, search engines quickly find them on the search result. So, use heading and subheading to the appropriate place. You can use another text color for heading and subheading, which give users better readability.


An outgoing link can connect your post with a reputed place, which is observed by search engines. Outgoing links increase your SEO strength and interlink increase your page view. Don’t distract the user, link your blog text to the appropriate & related topic.


You should insert an image into each blog post, it is great for visitors. Every image should have related title and alt-attribution. Use your keyword to attribute your image. You can use more images between post content, where it necessary to describe your content. Don’t use images getting from the search result, it should be poisonous for your entire blog.


Sometimes I become confused about the blog post title. When I going to choose a title for my blog post, I am not satisfied with one title. After using a title, my mind wants to change the title, which is very bad for SEO.

After some research, I choose 1 perfect title from 5 alternatives for my blog post. I use those unused 4 alternative titles as a tag. So, when people search one of those titles, my blog post appear in search results.

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