How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online [ Quit Your Job ]

Hi Friends! Almost everywhere you can find out how to start a blog and make money, but no one realizes you that why you need to start a blog. I don’t know how you find out this article, but I know this blog post may change your whole life. This is my real life story about my blog life.

Read the whole article with patience and know the real truth why I started my blog. No doubt it will help you to quit your job and become your own boss.

Each and every successful blogger tell you about only passion. They will try to motivate you on the basis of dream and virtual life. Every time you can hear from a successful Blogger that don’t try to make money online with blogging, just love your passion and hobby, once a day you became successful.

That’s true, dear sir, but the reality does not meet with your valuable lines. I’m sorry to say that how a middle-class boy runs a blog year of years just for hobby or passion, without thinking about money?

My logic is slightly different from other people, I believe that you can’t become successful with any types of work if you don’t know the purpose clearly.

Today I will uncover my journey of blogging to the points.

The Real Reason To Start My Blog

I just joined a job in August 2014 but it was a horrible experience in my life. I don’t like to expose anything here about the company. Within a month of joining, I realized that the job does not belong to me anymore. I can join any other company, but I decided to do something special so I don’t waste my time to find out another job and start a blog

how to start a blog and make money

My first motive behind the decision was money. I achieved a little success within 2-3 months because of my madly and different thoughts about blogging.

Side Reasons To Start My Blog

As I told, my first motive was earning money, but I realized that the success in this way only comes to me due to love and respect on blogging!

Basically I am an Electrical Engineer, but I love computer and coding madly than Electrical Engineering. Also I love to help people. So I decided to start a blog which can solve some problems of other people.

Today I deleted all my previous posts on this blog and focus on only money earning topics to help all of my friends in this world who need it.

At a time I was suffering from money. On that time I was unable to find out the real source of earning money from online. In the present I earn a decent amount of money from my blogs. I become very happy if I can help anyone in this world to do the same and escape from the poor situation like me.

If I summarize all the things, then the lines will be come out like this “My one and only mission is escaping people from the situation like me. Who love to be your own boss, I help them my level best through blogging.”

Now come to the main topic that is how to start a blog which able to make money for you.

How To Start A Blog

Most of bloggers tell you blogging is not an easy profession, it will take a long time to success.

Those above written words are real for those beginners who believe on that. I never believe on those types of words, because my situation pressures me to earn as quick as possible. I focus on helping people with my soul and the God helps me to successful my blogs within a little times.

I will discuss about my blogs at the end of this blog post, now get, set, ready to start a blog.

STEP 1: Choose A Specific Topic (Niche)

Now you are going to start a blog! That’s fine, but on which topic?

Before choose the topic ask yourself “which topic you love a lot?” If you ask me to suggest a topic, I will recommend you to start a blog on the topic which energies you to do more and more. That means don’t copy from others, because after sometimes you can’t write anymore yourself. Choose the topic which your passion, which is infinite to be written, which you know better than others.

I suggest some helpful topics on my blog post “ How to select a niche to became successful.”

STEP 2: Register A Domain Name

Some selfish companies offers you to register free domain name (like .tk), don’t go for them. If you want to start with free, your blogging future also will be free from money. Check this blog post to better understanding the fact based on which I recommend you to buy a valuable domain name (like .com .in .org etc).

STEP 3: Buy A Web Hosting Service

Again I repeat it, don’t go for free plan. The web hosting service is like the health of your blog, and “health is wealth”. The web hosting service allows you to publicly visible your website content worldwide through the internet. Poor hosting service down your blog performance and you never reach to your goal.

In the past 6 years of blogging, I have tested many web hosting services for my blogs, like BlueHost, InterServer, Liquid Web, MeraHost etc.

I experienced that the BlueHost is the best hosting provider to run a successful blog. Also others are not bad at all, but I feel easy to use BlueHost as a professional blogger.

BlueHost Web Hosting service is the best web hosting service for professionals, as-well-as beginners according to the value of money. You need a minimum configured web hosting plan called “Shared Hosting” to run your blog.

How to Make Money From a Blog

I hope you understand the above steps to starting a successful blog. Now I am going to tell you about the best monetize system on the Internet world, which helps you earn money beyond your thinking!
If you ask me how I make money from my blogs, I just answer you only two words, and those words are:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing

My total earnings come from only those two money making techniques.
Do you want to know the process of how I earn money from them?
Let’s go for it.

How I Make Money From Google AdSense

Approximate 60% of my total blogging earning coming from the Google AdSense. I respect Google AdSense team a lot and happy to works with them. Google AdSense is the only AdSense service in the world which give you the maximum payout for your blog traffic.
You can see here my last month Google AdSense earning from the blogs EndlessEducation and SK Capital Analysis.

Google AdSense Earning 9 sep

Now the time to define the power of Affiliate Marketing. Read here how I make money from my blog through Affiliate Marketing.

How I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Actually, in 2014, my blog was rejected by Google AdSense team, because at the time I don’t know the Criteria to apply for Google AdSense. After rejection, I research on several Affiliate services and after all, find out the easy and helpful Amazon Associate.
After sometimes I join with Flipkart affiliate Marketing. But a few months ago the WalMart buy the Flipkart and suddenly finish the affiliate earning gradually. So I divorce with Flipkart Affiliate and successfully run only Amazon Affiliate on my blog Go Product Review – The Online Shopping Guide.

Here you can see my first 8 days earnings from the Amazon affiliate.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Which theme is the best for blogging?

Nothing is ideal, but please don’t use any free of cracked theme for your blog. Google and other search engines hate it. Your blog never becomes successful if you do that.

2. Which theme do I use for my blogs?

At starting time I used Good News WordPress theme for my blogs. It also good, but at present, I use Voice WordPress theme for my every blog.

Voice theme is so much compatible with Google AdSense, also search engine friendly.

3. How to apply for Google AdSense?

It’s very simple, just go to Google AdSense page and click on the START button. Fill up the form with your blog details and submit it.

Google team take a time to review your application and mail you their feedback.

4. What should be check before applying for Google AdSense?

Google is very strict to verify your blog. So before applying you should confirm these things for your blog.

  • Minimum age of your blog should not less than 6 months.
  • Don’t use any types of porn/adult content.
  • Continuous daily traffic. Google can reject your application due to insufficient blog traffic.
  • Unique, useful and sufficient blog post esquire your blog from rejection. But it doesn’t matter, sometimes Google approves with the 4 to 5 blog post like my new blog SK Capital Analysis.
  • Your blog should be user-friendly and mobile optimized.

4. What should be check before applying for Affiliate?

You just need to take care of your blog traffic, that’s enough!

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How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online [ Quit Your Job ]
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