Tips To Protect Bank Account Hacked Online

bank account hacked online

To Protect your Bank Account from  Hackers you should know some common tips. I will teach you in this post how to secure your ATM and bank account hacked online.

Tips To Protect ATM : –

  1. Keep your PIN a secret. …
  2. Don’t lost your ATM card
  3. Don’t respond to suspicious call asking ATM PIN.
  4. Watch your email. Your tech savvy friends know, email is probably the most common method of identity theft and electronic fraud. …
  5. Be smart online. …Keep an eye on your money. …

Tips To Protect Online BANK A/C : –

  1. Change passwords regularly. Use combinations that are difficult to guess, such as a mix of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. …
  2. Use anti-virus software in your PC/Mobile.
  3. Check that the online website & network are secure. …
  4. Use two-step authentication. …
  5. Don’t respond to suspicious emails.

-: Extra Safety:-

  1. Cover your password with your hand at ATM counter & Online shopping : Hidden cameras are disguised so they can pick up your password. By protecting it, ATM thieves can’t access your account.
  1. Use familiar ATMs/Computers and limit your visits : Recently, skimming devices were found on ATM in some popular grocery stores. ATM in dimly lighted spots or used late at night could be more susceptible to fraud, while ATM’s under video surveillance can be safer.
  1. Check bank balances frequently: Sign up for alerts and notice unusual withdrawals. Given the two-day window for reporting fraud, it pays to check your account frequently.


Tips To Protect Online BANK A/C & ATM | EndlessEducation
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Tips To Protect Online BANK A/C & ATM | EndlessEducation
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